President of the Managing Board

Wojciech W. Grabczan – CEO of Short Term Rental Capital Sp. z o.o.

grabczanWojciech W. Grabczan graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Warsaw in Warsaw. He received his PhD in economics at the Faculty of Management and Computer Science at the University of Economics Oskar Lange in Wroclaw. He completed post-graduate Studies in Property Management organized by Koźmiński University and the Institute of Spatial Planning and Housing. He received a certificate of professional competence of Chief Accountant at MDDP Business Academy. He gained professional experience primarily working in the financial sector, inter alia in the Polish Development Bank, the BGŻ Bank, the PZU Group, the BISE Bankand DNB Bank Polska SA.

Wojciech W. Grabczan has acquired extensive professional experience working in banking structures and managing various bank subsidiaries or supervising them in managerial, financial, legal and economic dimension. His diverse professional skills include in particular:

  • Exercising supervision over subsidiaries and optimize the structure of the capital group and the management of a commercial company with direct responsibility for the area of legal, financial and corporate governance
  • Securing from the legal and documentary side the establishment of new companies and their development, as well as their acquisition, sale, merger and liquidation
  • Creating financial plans, preparation of financial statements and activity reports as well as the development and implementation of internal regulations and the agreements and arrangements with third parties
  • Implementing complex, interdisciplinary projects that require experience in various areas including in the field of law, accounting, tax, M & A and commercial property management, as well as negotiating terms of cooperation with business partners
  • Managing commercial real estate

Wojciech W. Grabczan in the years 2001-2013, as Director of Corporate Development Department of DNB Bank Polska SA (formerly the Department of Equity Investment and Energy in BISE SA), managed the bank’s portfolio of equity investments. During this period, first in connection with the preparation of BISE Bank to enter the Warsaw Stock Exchange, then in connection with the merger of BISE Bank with DnB NORD Bank, and then in connection with the adoption by DNB Bank the new strategy of specialized corporate bank, conducted three comprehensive restructurings of the investment portfolio consisting of dozens of companies, reducing its size by more than 30 companies through sale, liquidation and merging.

In parallel with the duties performed in the DNB Bank (formerly BISE), Wojciech W. Grabczan managed a leasing company DnB NORD Leasing Sp. z o.o (BISE Atechnet Leasing Sp. z o.o.) directly supervising administration, finance, accounting and compliance. In addition, as the CEO, he managed all affairs of DnB NORD Financial Services Sp. z o.o. (BISE Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o.), which two primary functions were to manage all real estate belonging to the DNB Bank group, and secondly to act as holding company for the portion of the subsidiaries belonging to this group. At that time, he organized the principles of renting office space to third parties, increased the degree of occupancy by several percentage points, increased the profitability of real estate on average by several percentage points, prepared and carried out a number of real estate sales reaching a 23-percent profit margin on trades made in the period of drastic slump in the real estate market. In parallel, as liquidator of Wspólnota On Line Sp. z o.o. and Top Partners Sp. z o.o., directly managed the process of liquidation, preparing all necessary documentation for the companyauthorities, as well as for all relevant state authorities (US, GUS, KRS etc.).

In Studies & Analysis Office of theChancellery of Sejm, WojciechW.Grabczan,asChief Expert, prepared expert reports andopinionson the economic, financial and social issues for the Members of Parliament. He also cooperated with theOffice of the Pension Funds Supervisory.

In the PZU Group, Wojciech W. Grabczan worked as Advisor to the CEO and served as Representative of the Management Board for Pension Funds. He prepared PZU LIFE (and PZU SA) to participate in the development of a mandatory system of pension funds by creating for the two insurance companies, a detailed action plan. He also represented the insurance industry in the work of the Extraordinary Parliamentary Commission for the reform of the pension system.

In the BGŻ Bank, as Deputy Director of the Department of Finance, participated in the creation of the Recovery Program of BGŻ Bank, within which co-edited “The asset and liability management.” He prepared for BGŻ Bank a costs calculation and internal transfer price of money system and “Terms of banking risk management.”

Wojciech W.Grabczan participated in the creation of the organizational structure of Polish Development Bank, and then, as Deputy Director of the Legal Department, was responsible for the performance of bank’s obligations to foreign entities. He participated in negotiating a line of credit from the World Bank and the European Investment Bank and the cooperation with other international and national banking institutions.

Wojciech W. Grabczan is the author of several books, including “Managing banking risk” and “Managerial Accounting in the management of the bank” (Publisher Foundation for the Development of Accounting in Poland, Warsaw 1996) and “How to overcome difficult loans” (Publisher TWIGGER, Warsaw 1994). He also published dozens of articles in professional journals, including the periodical “Bank i Kredyt” published by National Bank of Poland, financial-banking monthly “BANK” and the journal “Rynki Zagraniczne” published by National Chamber of Commerce.