Market operators interested in the use of fixed assets offered by suppliers/manufacturers, but without having to purchase them.

  • Customers looking for away to fund investments without incurring long-term debt
  • Customers who in advance assumed that in exchange for a fixed monthly installment, they will benefit from the assets only for a limited period of time (eg. 12 months)-eg. Exchange of leased cars after a year or two
  • Customers who want to refinance still used fixed assets(typical off balance sheets) -eg. Entities listed on the stock exchange wishing to improve the structure of their balance sheets
  • Customers known and accepted by funders
  • Customers known and accepted by Suppliers/Manufacturers
  • Other Customers whose credibility has been confirmed in a reliable way (eg. BlueChips, entities guaranteed byother credibleentities, etc.).

Rights and responsibilities of the Customer 

  • Customer selects fixed asset to be leased
  • Customer together with supplier/manufacturer sets the price (value) of the fixed asset to be leased and the amount of a lease installment in the financial part and in the service part
  • Customer signs with Short Term Rental Capital Sp. z o.o. the lease agreement
  • Customer pays for Short Term Rental Capital Sp. z o.o. the full amount of the lease installment, ie. the sum offinancial part, service part and insurance part