Service financing

The service of Short Term Rental Capital Sp. z o. o. uses its many years of experience in the financing of various fixed assets. We move principles and ways of financing the more developed markets for the domestic market. Based on very large meeting legal and industry experts enable the financing of fixed assets in the manner previously available only for cars and in a limited extent.

With multi-level relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, financing structure is closely related to the value of the asset at any time of funding. This allows the structuring of financing in the longer-term while matching funding to the value of the asset over time.

The most important for Short Term Rental Services Capital Sp. o.o is basing risk on fixed asset, the more that long or very long funding for the same customer can be very risky. Through collaboration with suppliers we enter into the financing of only those assets that are well known to us and thus enable the use of these assets during their normal functioning of many customers. Consequently, Short Term Rental Capital Sp. z o.o is an entity which greatly reduces the risk of financing for institutions such as banks or leasing companies