Characteristics of the service

The service provided by Short Term Rental Capital Sp. z o.o. is primarily the possibility of structuring and matching payments and deadlines for actual use of the fixed asset(machinery, equipment etc.). First, we ask how the asset will be used and how it will earn, and then we adjust the terms and conditions of its lease. With this approach, the supplier/manufacturer can offer fixed assets not only in the context of sale or leasing, but also in a context of lease with terms comfortable for lessee Now, instead of asking about the price of purchase of the fixed asset, customers are increasingly asking how much monthly costs for its use.

An innovative solution is also financing items with large values of both new and used, using of special purpose vehicles(the so-called SPV). We deal in this area everything from formal establishment of the company and its management on behalf of the Client to the liquidation or sale of the SPV. With this solution, we increase the opportunities for cooperation between suppliers and lessees, who can use the particular asset individually, or in the group(this may involve in particular, helicopter, boat, catamaran, multi-tonelift, locomotives, etc.).

Our service is an integrated service

Preparing and providing a specialized service of financial intermediation, Short Term Rental Capital Sp. z o.o. as the financial operator shall agree and combine several distinct elements related to transaction and its three participants in a consistent and optimal whole. The financial operator integrates various components in the service provided, including:

  • purchase of subject of the lease
  • maintenance of subject of the lease
  • repurchase subject of the lease
  • insurance of subject of the lease
  • use the subject of lease(lease agreement)
  • financing the purchase of subject of the lease

Integration of the above ingredients in the service provided relates to their financial, organizational, procedural, legal, regulatory, accounting, tax, and advertising conditions.

Our service is tailor-made service

The distinctive feature of the service provided by Short Term Rental Capital Sp. z o.o. is taking into account as much as possible the specific needs and capabilities and other determinants of all stakeholders, ie.:

  • Supplier/Manufacturer willing to sell a specific subject of lease
  • Customer willing to use a specific subject of lease
  • Financing Entity willing to finance the purchase of a specific subject of lease
  • Insurance Entity willing to insure a specific subject of lease

Financial operator active on the market of investments in fixed assets (and related services), due to performed role of intermediary between the parties of various types of transactions, having the access to information about the needs and opportunities for all stakeholders, most effectively agrees and maximally takes into account the specific needs of stakeholders commissioning service offered by Short Term Rental Capital Sp. z o.o..