Short Term Rental Capital Sp. z o.o. is a financial operator providing unique service of integrating the market of fixed assets providers with the market of their potential customers in the short and long term rental.

A complex, specialized financial intermediary service provided by Short Term Rental Capital Sp. z o.o. supports market players in the implementation of their statutory tasks and achieving intended goals, filling a gap in the market for rental of fixed assets, moderating these areas of the market where traditional forms of financing do not have any relevant offer.

 The main beneficiaries of our services are:

  • Suppliers/Manufacturers looking for new markets to offer their fixed assets. The service enables additional sales in particular where the manufacturer or vendor presence on the traditional markets is already assured
  • Customers interested in using fixed assets offered on the market, but without the necessity to purchase them.. Customers, for which the traditional leasing formulas are no longer sufficient, will benefit from the offered fixed assets under the lease agreement signed with Short Term Rental Capital Sp. z o.o.

Our partners in the provision of our services are:

  • Financial institutions, banks, leasing companies, investment funds, ie. players which finance the purchase of fixed assets transferred to customers for use based on the service provided
  • Insurance companies insuring fixed assets passed on to customers for use on the service